Contact person: Kepa Indaberea
Pol. Ind. Comarca I C/G Parc. D30
31160 Orkoien (Navarra), Spain

Fiscal identification number: A31 276603
Tel: +34 948 309 055 - Mobile Phone: +34 678 443 536 - Email:
Web: www.fluitecnik.com


Experience in the wind power: 15 years.


Facilities or delegations abroad: Fluitecnik China (Treolica) – Tianjin (China), Fluitecnik Wind India – Chenai (India).




Description of the main activity:

At Fluitecnik Windenergy we design and manufacture tailored hydraulic solutions for wind turbines. We specialize in cooling systems, hydraulic pitch systems, braking systems, lubrication systems and specialty components.

Our engineering department works in close coordination with the client to achieve optimal and competitive solutions along the whole process of design, development, testing, and manufacturing International presence allows Flluitecnik to offer a range of complementary services to turbine manufacturers, both globally and locally: regional warehouse, assistance in commissioning, spare parts, product repair, field support and product nationalization.


Products and services in the wind power sector:

- Cooling; oil and water cooling systems for gearbox, power electronics, generator.
- Ventilation; motor fan for air to air cooling systems.
- Hydraulics systems; pitch control and breaking systems power packs.
- Hydraulic actuators; own manufactured rotor locks, pitch cylinders, piston accumulators.
- Equipment for special applications; heavy load lifting equipments, circuit filling equipments, etc.
- Spare parts.    

Other products and services:

- Worldwide technical assistance.
- Repair & Maintenance.

ISO 9001, CE 97/23 pressure equipment.